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Uttar Pradesh / Mathura: Dressed in uniform, UP police constable was seen dancing on bhajans

Many videos of Uttar Pradesh Police often go viral on social media. In which many times his cruel face is seen seeing him mercilessly beaten. So many times the heart of the users melts after seeing the noble work done by them. Recently, a video of a UP Police personnel has surfaced on social media. In which he is seen engrossed in devotion to Krishna. Seeing this, even the users could not live without appreciating the UP Police. The video going viral is being attributed to Vrindavan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. Where in a Bhakti Sangam happening inside a Krishna temple, a police officer can be seen dancing engrossed in devotion to Krishna. Seeing which the users are looking surprised. In the video, a crowd of people can also be seen around the police officer inside the temple. Those who themselves are seen engrossed in the devotion of Krishna.

Inspector seen engrossed in devotion to Krishna

Devotional video of an officer of Uttar Pradesh Police has captivated the hearts of the users these days. The video is being posted on many platforms of social media. This video has been shared on Twitter by a person named Vineet Gupta from his account. In this video, a police officer is seen in uniform inside the Krishna temple. During which he can be seen swinging completely engrossed in the devotion of Krishna.

Video tempting users

At present, the video has been viewed more than 2 lakh 35 thousand times on social media till the news is written and more than 3 thousand users have liked it. Users are constantly seen giving their reactions on the video. One user wrote, ‘Good thing. Kindness is better.’ Another wrote, ‘This is an example of friendly public-police relationship, which is also given the slogan that police should maintain friendly relations with the public’.