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Delhi: BJP’s allegation- 45 crores were spent on Kejriwal’s bungalow: AAP’s answer- PM’s house cost 500 crores, he wears a suit worth 10 lakhs

Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva on Tuesday claimed that Rs 45 crore has been spent on decorating Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s house and office. Kejriwal does not live in a house, he lives in Sheesh Mahal. He should resign. Aam Aadmi Party leader MP Sanjay Singh has responded to Sachdeva’s allegation.

Sanjay Singh said on Wednesday – It took Rs 500 crore to fix the Prime Minister’s house. 8400 crore ship was bought. PM drives a car worth 12 crores. He writes with a pen worth 1.25 lakh rupees. Wears a suit worth 10 lakhs and glasses worth 1.6 lakhs. The BJP did not raise any question on this.

AAP’s clarification and answer to BJP…

Cleanliness: Sanjay Singh said, “Three incidents happened in Kejriwal’s 80-year-old government bungalow. Sanjay Singh told that the roof of the room where Kejriwal’s parents were living fell. CM’s room and guest room also This is what happened After which the PWD had recommended to rebuild it.

Answer to BJP: Sanjay Singh said – 15 crore rupees were spent in repairing the house of Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi. Apart from this, the plane of the CM of Gujarat was bought for Rs 191 crore. Why don’t BJP leaders say anything on this? These are not issues. We all know that this is a conspiracy to divert attention from issues like Adani, Satyapal Malik.

Congress and BJP statements on Kejriwal’s bungalow

BJP: Stopped the development of Delhi at the time of Corona, built a house

Virendra Sachdeva said, “Delhi government postponed many development works during Corona due to lack of money, but spent crores in decorating the CM’s house and office. This is a big proof of Delhi government’s insensitivity towards the people. He said that Kejriwal should answer to the people of Delhi.

The people of Delhi are wondering how grand Kejriwal’s residence will be, because in that time, a decent bungalow is built in Delhi. On the other hand, Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly Ramveer Singh Bidhuri alleged that Kejriwal’s simplicity and honesty have been exposed. He should resign immediately.”

Congress: Sir spent 45 crores of the public on his bungalow

Congress leader Ajay Maken questioned Kejriwal’s right to continue as a public servant. Ajay Maken has reminded the old affidavit of Chief Minister Kejriwal. He wrote that Mr. Kejriwal spent 45 crores of public money on his bungalow. It is alleged that Vietnam marble of Dior polish, curtains worth crores, carpets worth crores were installed.

On 7 June 2013, before the elections, Kejriwal distributed an affidavit in the New Delhi assembly constituency. Kejriwal used to say that I will not take red beacon car, security, bungalow. CM Kejriwal has no right to continue in office after having built a bungalow worth 45 crores for himself with the hard earned money of tax payers.