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Earlier gold layer was offered on the boundary wall of Kedarnath’s sanctum sanctorum, now the same devotee offered a golden umbrella

A donor has offered a gold umbrella and urn in the Kedarnath temple. Last year also, this same donor had put a layer of gold on the boundary wall of the sanctum sanctorum. This time also a large number of devotees from different provinces of the country are expected to visit Kedarnath Dham. A golden canopy and urn will be placed over the self-made Shivling in the Kedarnath temple. Till now there was a silver canopy here. On this occasion, President of Badri Kedar Temple Committee, Ajendra Ajay and Executive Officer of the temple committee, RC Tiwari were present.

Challenges of the weather flew in the wind of faith

On the very first day of the opening of the doors of Kedarnath Dham, despite heavy snowfall and bitter cold, a huge crowd of devotees gathered. Thousands of devotees reached Kedarnath Dham for darshan. On Tuesday, the day of opening of the doors in Dham, it was snowing intermittently throughout the day and the weather kept changing color every moment. Due to this, the maximum temperature remained minus four degrees even in the afternoon. In the bitter cold, the enthusiasm of the devotees was being created on seeing Bhole Baba’s darshan. Devotees waited in long queues for darshan. The weather was unfavorable in the morning, snowfall started in the afternoon, which continued till late evening. Even then there was no decrease in the enthusiasm of the devotees.

Enjoying snow along with darshan

The footpath from Lincholi to Kedarnath Dham is covered with snow. Along with the darshan of Yatri Baba, they are also enjoying the snow. Whereas, Kedarpuri is shining like silver due to snowfall on the first day itself. Travelers are thoroughly enjoying the scenic beauty of Kedarpuri.

Most of the hotels and lodges did not open in Kedarnath Dham

Most of the hotels and lodges in Kedarnath have not yet opened due to bad weather. Goods of a large number of hotels and lodge operators are in Gaurikund only. Traders are waiting for the weather to improve. On the other hand, the traders who have reached Kedarnath are busy in removing snow in front of their hotels.

Token system could not start on the first day

On behalf of the tourism department, there was talk of starting a token system for the darshan of devotees in Kedarnath. The token system did not start on the day the doors opened. Due to this the passengers had to wait for hours for darshan. Passengers kept waiting for their turn even in snowfall.