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Scientists found the second deepest blue hole

The world is full of mysteries and wonderful things. From time to time, due to the discovery of scientists, the veil of such mysteries keeps rising. One such curtain has been raised recently. Actually, scientists have discovered the world’s second deepest Blue Hole at the bottom of the sea. You too must have heard of black hole till today. Many people would not even know what a blue hole is. Let us know what is a blue hole and what facts have been presented by the scientists regarding this new blue hole.

Second Blue Hole found here
The world’s second-deepest blue hole has been found off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The team of scientists has recently discovered it and its depth has been told up to 900 feet. According to scientists, this blue hole is spread over about 1,47,000 square meters.

What is blue hole?
Actually, Blue Hole is a kind of vertical cave, which is present under water. Blue hole has its own biodiversity, in which many types of flora and sea creatures live. This recently discovered blue hole was named ‘Taam ja’, in Mayan language it means ‘deep water’. This hole has a slope of 80 degrees. It is at 15 feet in the depth of the sea. A research was also published on this in February 2023.

How is construction done?
Blue holes are formed by the mixing of limestone and salt water of the sea. Limestone is porous. Due to which sea water dissolves lime along with it and enters it. In this way a blue hole is formed there. According to experts, many blue holes were formed in the ice ages and when the last ice age ended about eleven thousand years ago and the sea level rose, then these caves were filled with water.

World’s deepest blue hole
The world’s deepest blue hole was found in the year 2016. Which was in the South China Sea. It is known as Dragon Hole. This hole is said to be more than 980 feet deep.