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Rajasthan / Udaipur: The car broke down in front of the in-laws, then the owner took it to the showroom by pulling it with a donkey with a drum.

Many people dream of tearing the road with a new car. When a new car arrives, this dream also becomes true. But in Udaipur, Rajasthan, this dream of a person was found in the soil. His new car broke down on the way. Not once but many times the moving vehicle would stop. The sorrow does not end here. The limit was reached when her car sat down in front of her in-laws. After this the car owner’s forehead was shocked. Then he pulled the car with a donkey whose video is going viral on social media.

The donkey pulled the new cart

In the viral video, it is seen that the donkey is pulling the flashing car. It was told that the owner of the car, Rajukmar Purbia, had to take it to the showroom. For this he took the help of a donkey. Rajkumar, a resident of Sundarwas in Udaipur, has complained that a few days back he had bought a Hyundai company’s Creta car. But after driving for a while the car broke down. Rajkumar alleges that the company people did not help immediately, so in anger, he pulled the car from the donkey and sent it back to the showroom.

According to media reports, Rajkumar had to be embarrassed in front of his in-laws because of the car. He says that he had bought this vehicle about one and a half months back. Within a few days, she started giving problems. In the meanwhile they got engaged. When Rajkumar reached his in-laws house to complete the ritual, the car broke down there too. Due to the problems coming one after the other in the car, he beat his head and decided to return it. To embarrass the showroom people, he pulled the car with a donkey.

Rajkumar says that earlier he had called the company people and asked them to take the car. But the people of the company refused to take the vehicle immediately. After this, we have already told and shown you what Rajkumar did.

Earlier, an interesting news related to donkey had come from Pakistan. There a person had gifted a donkey to his partner in his marriage. This person was Pakistani YouTuber Azlan Shah who had married a doctor named Varisha Javed Khan. This marriage came into limelight because of gifting a donkey to his wife. Azlan said that Varisha loves animals and donkey is the cutest animal.