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Madhya Pradesh / Dhaar: Ghosts used to disturb! Being fed up, mother jumped into the well with 3 daughters’, told during investigation – I used to eat chicken alive in a fit of rage….

In Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district, the bodies of two girls were found in a well and the dead body of a girl was lying outside the well. Sensation spread in the area after seeing two dead bodies inside the well and one outside the well. The three girls were between two and six years old. Jeevan Bamaniya, the father of the girls, told in the police complaint that when he reached home on Tuesday, he found that his wife and all three daughters were missing. The villagers told that Jeevan’s wife and daughters were seen plucking mangoes outside the village. Search was started in the surrounding area. Dead body of a girl was found near the well. When the search was done inside the well, two dead bodies came out from inside. But the mother of those girls was missing. The police have now arrested that woman. The woman has made such revelations that everyone is surprised to hear. In the initial investigation, the woman told that she was troubled by the harassment of the spirits of ghosts.

The woman told that in a fit of rage, she used to kill and eat even a live hen. The woman told the police that in a fit of rage, she jumped into the well with her three daughters. The woman told the police that after jumping into the well with the three girls, she came out with one girl. But fearing the death of the girls, she fled from there. According to the information received, the woman is mentally ill. The treatment of the woman is also going on. After removing the dead bodies of the three girls from the well on Wednesday, their post-mortem was done. After the post-mortem, the last rites of the three sisters were performed together.

Actually, this is the case of Shyampura Thakur village of Dhar district. The bodies of two girls were found in a well on Tuesday evening. There the dead body of a girl was outside the well. The face of the girl who was outside the well was bloody. The people of the village suspected that the mother of these girls must have jumped into the well taking them along with her. The police reached the spot and got the water out of the well. When the body of the woman was not found in the well, the police started searching. Police received information that the woman was seen around Tandakheda village. The police laid siege and arrested the woman. Dhar SP Manoj Singh said that the police have taken him into custody from the banks of the pond near the bushes. During interrogation, the woman told that she sees spirits. The woman told that she took this step after being troubled by the spirits. All the three daughters of the woman died in this accident. Police has registered a case of murder. The woman is being questioned.