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New Delhi: After divorce, after marrying her father-in-law, this woman became her husband’s mother-in-law! Is this video going viral true? Listen to the woman’s statement

A Muslim woman has publicly come out on the road and made such a disclosure, knowing about which any mind can get spoiled. This burqa-clad woman has said that she had to marry her father-in-law, after which she became the mother of her husband. After this, she got divorced from her father-in-law and married her husband again. The video of this statement of this Muslim woman is also going viral on social media. This video has been shared by ISKCON spokesperson Radharaman Das.

In this video, a Muslim woman wearing a burqa says that first I went to Nikah with my husband. After that I was divorced. Then my father-in-law married me, so accordingly I became the mother of my husband. Again my husband left me. Then he asked his brother to make a relationship that means I should become his sister-in-law. In this way they are joking with me that when I will become his mother, sister-in-law, wife.

This video was also discussed a lot on social media some time ago. The woman’s name is Sabina. Narrating the whole incident to the media, he had said, ‘I got married in 2009. They gave the excuse that I did not have children for two years and my husband divorced me. This matter was kept in the house. Then I was halala with my father-in-law. Then my husband married me. In 2017, the husband again divorced.

This woman said that when my family members talked to her, she said to do halala with brother. Didn’t I go there for everyone? I can have a relationship with my husband but father, brother is not for everyone. When my family objected, they said to take it away. Will not feed him sitting like this. Children are not being born, take it to your home, otherwise they will kill you. This case of Bareilly’s Sabina is of 2018. Then the police had registered a case of rape against the father-in-law.

Let us tell you that this is a process of remarrying a husband after giving divorce in the Muslim community that believes in Islam. In this, a divorced woman has to marry another person and have a physical relationship. After this she gets divorced and then she marries her old husband again.