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Bihar: Krishnaiah became IAS from “coolie”, but former MP and Bahubali Anand Mohan Singh incited the crowd to kill DM, politics is happening on the release of Anand Mohan!

Former Bihar MP and Bahubali Anand Mohan Singh is currently serving life sentence in a murder case. He has been convicted in the murder of a District Magistrate. The name of this District Magistrate G. It was Krishnaiah. He was the DM of Gopalganj when he was killed. How was 35-year-old Krishnaiah murdered? To know the answer to this question, one has to go back to the date of December 4, 1994. Chhotan Shukla, a notorious gangster of North Bihar was killed that day. Tension had spread in Muzaffarpur area due to the murder. People were especially angry with the government and the police.

On December 5, thousands of people were protesting by keeping Chhotan Shukla’s dead body on the road. At the same time the then DM of Gopalganj G. Krishnaiah was returning to his Gopalganj after attending a special meeting. He was riding in his official car with red beacon. They were not aware that there was an uproar on the highway ahead. As soon as his car reached close to the protesters, people got angry seeing the government car. They started pelting stones at the car.

Yes. Krishnaiah was trying to tell the crowd that he is the DM of Gopalganj and not Muzaffarpur, but no one listened to him. The mob dragged him out of the car and beat him to death. During this, someone had also shot someone. Yes. This painful murder of Krishnaiah had spread sensation not only in Bihar but in the whole country. It was alleged that the mob that killed the DM was instigated by the infamous Bahubali Anand Mohan. Anand Mohan Singh was sentenced to death in 2007. In 2008, the High Court commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment.

Originally from Mahbubnagar, Telangana, G. Krishnaiah was a 1985 batch IAS officer in the Bihar cadre. He came from the Dalit community and was an honest officer with a very clean image. He became the DM of Gopalganj in the year 1994 itself. Krishnaiah’s life had gone through many struggles. He started working as a porter. After this, after working hard, he became IAS.

Know the story of his struggle…

Krishnaiah was born in a landless Dalit family of Mahbubnagar. His father was a porter. To support the family, he first started working as a porter with his father. However, he continued to read. After this he entered the field of journalism. After this, he came to academics for some time. He worked as a lecturer. He didn’t stop here.

He also worked as a clerk but the urge to move forward in Krishnaiah did not end. He dreamed of becoming an IAS and worked day and night to fulfill it. He used to work and also study to run the family. In 1985, his hard work paid off. He became an IAS officer. He was given Bihar cadre. He was in great demand among the poor. In fact, he used to meet them every day and after knowing their problems, tried to solve them.

Krishnaiah’s first posting was in West Champaran. This district was considered a stronghold of dacoits and kidnappers. People who worked with Krishnaiah tell that the local landlords created many obstacles in his work, yet he did a commendable work on land reforms. He was made the District Magistrate of Gopalganj in 1994. He was murdered in the same year.

But Anand Mohan will be released

Anand Mohan is currently serving life sentence but he came out of jail on parole last days. Actually his son was engaged. However, the Nitish government has made such changes in the jail module, due to which he will soon be out of jail forever. The Bihar government is going to release 27 prisoners including Anand Mohan from jail by making changes in the Prison Act. Bihar government has amended Rule 481 I of Kara Hastak 2012. Under this, the murder of a government servant while on duty has now been removed from the category of exception. After this, the criminals who have been sentenced for 14 years can be released from jail because of their good conduct. After making changes in the Prison Act, the Bihar government has also issued a notification for the release of 27 prisoners including Anand Mohan. Anand may have gone back to jail after the end of parole, but it is discussed that he can be released from jail forever on 27th.

IAS Association protested

IAS Association tweeted and said, Anand Mohan IAS G. Krishnaiah was brutally murdered. In such a situation it is sad. Bihar government should withdraw this decision as soon as possible. If this does not happen, then it is tantamount to denial of justice. Such decisions lead to a decline in the morale of the public servants. We appeal to the state government that the Bihar government should reconsider it as soon as possible.

BJP surrounds Nitish government

BJP is strongly opposing the decision of Nitish government. Recently, BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi said, on the pretext of Anand Mohan, the 26 criminals whom the government is going to release under the guise of being humane, are tragic and 7 of them are such, who still have to register their presence in the local police station. . Most of the prisoners who are being released by the government fit into the MY equation and those sitting in the government want to use their muscle power in the next elections.

Sushil Modi has called Nitish government’s decision unconstitutional. He said, in 2016, the Nitish government had amended the jail manual to include rape, murder in a terrorist incident, murder during rape and murder of a government servant on duty as heinous crimes, in which no exemption or leniency would be given. But now the government is reversing its own decision.