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Uttarakhand: BJP paid soulful tribute to Chandan Ram Das across the state, Bhatt said – Ramdas’s departure is an irreparable loss

BJP today paid heartfelt tribute to its senior leader and cabinet minister late Chandan Ram Das by organizing programs in all mandals including the state headquarters.

On this occasion, State President Mahendra Bhatt while addressing the sad and shocked workers said that the government will fulfill the unfinished works of Late Ramdas and the promises made by him to the public and we all have to take forward his thoughts and principles in our political life.

In the tribute meeting organized at the party headquarters, State President Bhatt said that Chandan Ramdas ji’s calm, gentle, magnanimous personality and his contribution to the society, region and especially Uttarakhand is exemplary. His commitment to party workers and organizational work is an inspiration to everyone in political life. He said that his sudden departure like this is an irreparable loss to the people of the state and the BJP organization. He assured that Chandan ji used to be concerned for the regional development, so our government under the leadership of CM Dhami will surely fulfill all the works started by him and the promises made by him. He appealed to imbibe the gentlemanly and simple conduct and thoughts of late Ram Das ji in their political and social life.

Conducting the program, State General Secretary Aditya Kothari said that due to his behavior and public welfare work, his popularity in the area was such that due to health reasons, he went out for campaigning for only one day in the 2022 assembly elections, yet big difference won from All the speakers involved in the tribute meeting expressed their condolences to his family in this hour of grief and prayed to God to give peace to his soul.

During this, all the people paid tribute to the picture of late Ramdas by keeping silence for two minutes. On this occasion, MLA Rajkumar Pauri, Umesh Sharma Kau, Mrs. Savita Kapoor, State Treasurer Puneet Mittal, State Media Incharge Manveer Chauhan, Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama, Dr. Devendra Bhasin, Vinay Goyal, Mrs. Madhu Bhatt, Virendra Bisht, Virendra Bisht Mrs. Sunita Vidyarthi A large number of party officials and senior workers including Metropolitan President Siddharth Aggarwal, Ravindra Jugran, Subhash Barthwal, Dr. Indubala, Rishiraj Dabral, Dr. RK Jain, Vishwas Dabur were present.