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Mukesh Khanna On Shaktimaan: The budget of Shaktimaan film will be 200-300 crores, Mukesh Khanna said – it cannot be made without me, everyone knows this

Once upon a time, children were crazy about the Indian superhero show Shaktimaan on TV. Not only children, even adults used to wait for the new episodes of Shaktimaan. Sony Pictures had announced to make a film last year with the same Shaktimaan avatar. Although the film has not started yet. Why is the film getting delayed and on what scale will it be made? The real Shaktimaan i.e. Mukesh Khanna has answered some such important questions.

Mukesh Khanna has shared things related to the film Shaktimaan. He has said that this film is going to be made at the international level. He said, “The contract has been signed. This is a film of a very high level. The budget of a film itself will be Rs 200-300 crores. It will be produced by Sony Pictures, the company that made Spider-Man.

Why is there delay?

Regarding the delay in the start of the film, he said that it was delayed due to the first corona virus epidemic. I announced on my channel that the film is being made. Let us tell you that some time back there were reports that Ranveer Singh will be seen in the lead role in the film to be made on Shaktimaan. However, till now no official announcement has been made regarding this. Basil Joseph has got the responsibility of directing the film.

Will Mukesh Khanna be seen in Shaktimaan?

However, Mukesh Khanna did not say anything about who will play the role of Shaktimaan in the film. Will it be himself or will any other actor become Shaktimaan. However, she definitely said that she cannot become Shaktimaan without me. Everyone knows this. He said that what should I say now, maybe I am not going to do any role in Shaktimaan’s getup. I have to stop this because they don’t want comparisons. But the film is coming. Final announcement will be soon. Then you will know who will be (in the lead role).