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Uttar Pradesh: When the operation took place, the bone of the chicken came out of the chest! The elderly were troubled by cough for two years, the doctor was surprised…

If eating chicken, eat carefully. You must have heard the saying of a bone getting stuck in the throat. Chicken bone can also get stuck in the chest. A similar strange case has come to light from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. A chicken bone got stuck in the chest of an 85-year-old man two years ago. Due to this he had to face a lot of trouble. The 85-year-old Jagmal initially had to face health problems after a chicken bone got stuck in his lungs. When there was difficulty in breathing, he was admitted to a private hospital. Operation done. Bone removed. After that he got relief. Jagmal was ailing for the last two years due to bone getting stuck in his chest.

Jagmal used to cough whole day. His cough started troubling the people of the house. His family attributed the reason to smoking. Describing his excessive smoking as the cause of cough, he started talking about quitting it. Jagmal’s troubles were also not reducing. Due to cough, it used to feel like pain in the chest. However, he used to smoke secretly till then. After this the situation started deteriorating. The problem of cough increased and there was difficulty in breathing. After this he stopped smoking. He did not get relief even after quitting smoking.

After this, the relatives reached Ghaziabad with Jagmal, a resident of Moradabad. He was taken to a private hospital for treatment. There his investigation began. In the chest scan, the doctor suspected that something like a bone might be stuck there. After this, when the investigation was carried forward, the doctors found that something with a bone-like structure was stuck in the lungs. That is why Jagmal was facing problems. Jagmal was advised surgery. He was admitted to the hospital. The operation took place and the chicken bone was taken out. He has also been discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

Doctors at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali have completed this surgery. The doctors who performed the surgery said that Jagmal had eaten chicken for lunch. The incident is of January 2021. Meanwhile, the bone got stuck in his lungs. In the beginning he didn’t have any problem. But, with the passage of time, there was an infection in his lungs. Due to this phlegm started to form. Slowly it was increasing. A few days ago, he also started having trouble breathing. On 10 July, Jagmal contacted the match doctors. Many tests were done on him. After this, the matter of chicken bone being stuck in the lungs came to the fore.