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Oil lamps, skulls and many mysterious things found inside thousands of years old cave, scientists are also surprised

Many times such things are found on this earth full of mysteries, which surprise. Something similar was seen in Israel’s Jerusalem. Here archaeologists have found an ancient gate. When the scientists went inside this thousands of years old cave, they were surprised. Oil lamps, skulls, lamps, coins and artefacts were seen inside. According to a study published in the Harvard Theological Review, evidence has been found here that gives information about the ancient practice of necromancy or death magic in the Roman era. The people here used to try to have a direct conversation with the spirits.

In the hills about 30 km west of Jerusalem is the Teomim cave, which has been studied since 1873. Experts have long suspected that the water from an underground spring flowing here was used for treatment by people who lived here between 4000 BC and the 4th century. This place was used to attempt to communicate with the dead. That is, if understood in a way, there were tantric activities. The cave was used as a hideout for Jewish rebels during the Bar Kokhba rebellion in the 2nd century AD. This cave is very deep. That’s why it is believed that its connection is with the world of death. And for this reason tantric activities have been done here.

Hidden in the crevices of the rocks

Archaeologists are excavating this cave in collaboration with the Cave Research Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They get many unexpected things. They showed many interesting objects, including fragments of three human skulls, 120 oil lamps, ancient pottery and Bronze Age weapons from about 2,000 years before the oil lamp. They were systematically hidden in the crevices of the rocks. Dr. Boaz Jissu, archaeologist of Bar Ilan University and co-author of this study, told that when the population of new pagan people came to live here, the practice of necromancy also started. In recent excavations, interesting information was found about the ancient rituals performed there.

Necromancy ceremonies took place in the cave

According to researchers, necromancy ceremonies took place in the cave during the Roman period. The deities were invoked here. But after the collapse of the Bar Kokhba rebellion, a radical change took place in this entire region. Earlier it was a Jewish area. But later the Roman Empire either destroyed or displaced most of the Jewish people here. It is believed that these rituals have been performed by them only. Oil lamps, ceramic and glass bowls and utensils, ax heads and daggers were used to perform witchcraft. That’s why this inaccessible cave was considered as the door of contact with the dead souls. The purpose of the people here was to prophesy and wake up the dead souls. Researchers tried to identify magical practices, but it was not so easy.