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This is the easy way to avoid and treat eye flu, know how eye flu can be cured

The common problem during monsoon is conjunctivitis, which is called eye flu. This problem starts with the reddening of the eyes. And, along with it itching, stinging and sometimes swelling also comes in the eye. Eye flu, also known as conjunctivitis, can have three different reasons for its occurrence. It is better to understand all types of eye flu before becoming a doctor yourself and also know the methods of prevention.

Types of flu

Eye flu does not happen in just one way. There are three different types of eye flu. Eye flu is also bacterial. Apart from this, eye flu is also caused by eye flu virus. Some people also get eye flu due to allergies in this season.

Ways to Avoid Eye Flu

The most effective way to avoid eye flu is to keep your hands and your surroundings clean. Eye flu infection spreads the most through hands. That’s why it is advised to wash hands frequently. If you come in contact with a person with eye flu and become a victim of it, first of all isolate yourself. Stop using contact lenses for some time. Don’t go among people for a few days. Also stay away from pools and parties.

Eye flu treatment

The treatment of eye flu depends on what kind of eye flu it is. If it is viral eye flu, then it is a self-limiting type of eye flu which gets cured with time. But in that also pain reliever and essential medicines are given. After the examination of bacterial and allergic eye flu, its treatment is done. Along with this, cold compress can also be done in the eyes.