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This is suicide plant! The one who touched his hand once, starts remembering death?

You must have seen different types of plants. Some plants are poisonous and some trees cause itching. But there is also such a tree in the world, which is so dangerous that it forces the people who come in contact with it to commit suicide. You must also be thinking that what is there in this plant, because of which people are forced to commit suicide. There is so much connection between this tree and suicide that the name of this tree has also become suicidal plant. If you search on the internet with suicide plant, then the report related to it will come out. So know about this tree…

What is the name of the tree?

The name of the suicide plant is Gympie Gympie. If we talk about the scientific name, then its name is Dendrocnide Moroides. At the same time, these plants are mostly found in the North-Eastern Rainforest of Australia. In appearance, this plant is like an ordinary plant, but some special elements are found in it, which cause a lot of harm to humans. If someone comes in contact with this plant then they have to face many difficulties.

How does it effect?

According to the reports, if its thorn pricks, then there is a lot of unbearable pain in the human body. After getting hurt by this, a person feels like burning with hot acid and electric shock simultaneously. Along with this, the pain can remain continuous for a few hours to 2 days. It is said that the pain is so unbearable that people may be forced to commit suicide. There are stories related to this that by coming in contact with it, a person becomes so upset that he finally sees fodder suicide and because of this it is called suicidal plan.