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Nitin Desai’s daughter broke tradition by shouldering father’s dead body, everyone’s eyes were filled with tears

The last rites of Bollywood’s famous art director Nitin Desai were performed at his studio in Karjat on Friday. During this, his daughter Mansi, breaking the traditions, shouldered her father’s dead body. During this the whole atmosphere became emotional.

In fact, on August 2, Nitin Desai committed suicide in his art studio. After the death of Nitin Desai, new facts related to his suicide have come to the fore. According to a media report, Nitin Desai had already made preparations for suicide. On August 1, he had taken all the keys to the studio from the security guy. He told the boy to go home. Also said to come tomorrow morning at 8.30 and he would get a recording in studio number 10.

Nitin Desai in his suicide note had expressed his desire to perform his last rites at his number 10 studio. Accordingly, Nitin Desai was cremated at his number 10 studio. During the last journey, his daughter Mansi shouldered him while the son performed the last rites. Many other people including Aamir Khan and Ashutosh Gowariker were present on the occasion of Nitin Desai.