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Such is the nature of medical science, here the X-ray report printed on A-4 size paper, you will beat your head

PRINTING XRAY ON WHITE PAPER सफेद कागज पर एक्सरे

Till now you must have seen X-ray reports being printed on X-ray plates, but have you ever seen X-ray reports being printed on A-4 size plain white paper as well? If you haven’t seen it, see it today.

Made such a mess of medical science
Actually this feat has happened in the trauma center of the district hospital of Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. Here all the parameters of medical science were discarded in the X-ray department itself. And what happened after that will also be remembered forever in the world of medical science.

Doctors are treating by seeing this
According to media reports, X-rays are being printed on paper and given to the patients at the trauma center of Shajapur district hospital. Here X-rays are done for the patients but the report is printed on paper. As per NDTV report, due to the shortage of X-ray film, the hospital staff have decided to print X-rays on paper only. It is being told that the doctors are also treating by seeing the X-ray printed on the paper.

X-ray film finished since one month
At the same time, Dainik Bhaskar has also published a report in this regard. According to this report, X-ray film is finished in the hospital since last one month. The Civil Surgeon gave the order but the X-ray film was not received by the hospital. Doctors say that they cannot ask the patient to go out and get X-ray done. Seeing the X-ray printed on the paper, there are difficulties in treatment, injury or disease related to the lungs cannot be detected.

For many years X-rays are being given on paper only in this Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar District Hospital Trauma Center. However, when media persons have spoken to the responsible people of the hospital in this regard, the statements of different people have come out differently. Some have said that there is no shortage of X-ray film and some have said that X-ray reports are being given on white paper. At present, the statement of any senior official in this regard has not come to light, but the X-ray report being printed on white paper is being discussed a lot.