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Cross Border Love! This statement of Sunny Deol about Seema Haider and Anju surfaced, know what he said about the film

These days Seema Haider and Anju are being discussed everywhere in the country. Seema Haider moved from Pakistan to India to be with her love. Anju did something similar and went to Pakistan to meet her love. The love story of these two is discussed in both the countries. Now Sunny Deol’s reaction has also come on both. In the matter of crossing the border for the sake of love, there can be no bigger example than Sunny Deol. This is the reason why Sunny’s statement on Seema and Anju is being considered big.

In a recent interview given to a TV channel, Sunny Deol was questioned about Seema and Anju’s cross border love. On this Sunny Deol said, “Nowadays technology is such that we see each other somewhere. And nowadays we meet each other through the app… earlier we used to be middlemen, we used to keep searching. Now the technology has become such that one can be found in any country.

When love happens…

Sunny Deol said that when he falls in love, he would like to stay close, would not like to stay away. He said on Cross Border Love that all these things will continue to happen. This is life. We should not pay much attention to this. It should not be criticized. Sunny said that he has his own life, let him live it. He knows whether it is right or wrong.

Gadar 2 will release on August 11

Sunny Deol is busy promoting his film these days. The trailer of this film, directed by Anil Sharma, has been released and has been liked a lot. Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol will once again be seen together in the film like in the first Gadar. However, now the story has moved forward and the son of both has also grown up. The film is releasing on the big screen on 11 August. It will clash with Akshay Kumar’s film Oh My God. In such a situation, along with the fans, film analysts will also be watching the box office battle of both the films.