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Madhya Pradesh: Sweets were distributed on the news of having a son, the family was shocked when the nurse handed over the daughter! Allegations of baby swapping on hospital, demand for DNA test

A shocking incident has come to the fore in the district hospital of Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh. A family was informed about the birth of a son by the hospital, in whose happiness they distributed sweets. Later, when the child came in the lap, it turned out to be a daughter. The relatives created a lot of ruckus on this matter. The hospital was even accused of switching babies. The relatives have demanded a DNA test of the child.

According to the information, Sunita Kol was admitted to the district hospital for delivery on July 25 from Gora village of Sarai police station. Where the woman gave birth to a safe new born baby. According to the doctor, when the condition of the newborn was critical, he was kept in the ASNCU. Told the relatives that a son has been born. Every day the pregnant women used to go here for milking. After improvement in the condition of the newborn, he was discharged from the hospital on July 6. On the second day, on Monday, the newborn child reached the district hospital along with the maternal family members, where the woman and family members accused the staff nurses and doctors of changing the child.

Took home, returned the next day
It is being told that seeing the daughter instead of the son, the family got agitated and created a ruckus after reaching the hospital. Not only this, he accused the hospital staff of changing the child. Relatives say that they were told about the birth of a boy, the staff also took money. Ate sweets. But later the boy was changed to a girl. While the paper that was made was made of a boy and now the paper has also been changed and a girl has been written on it. The relatives have now refused to take the girl with them. They say that until the DNA test of the girl is done, they will not take her home.

The hospital told the allegations baseless
Civil surgeon Dr. OP Jha of the district hospital said that the allegation of the woman is baseless. Only a female child was born to the woman. For 10 days the woman has fed her milk to the child, if a mother takes her child, she recognizes it immediately. She was discharged on 6th July and given to her child. If the same child was not there, she would have said at the same time that this is not my child. But at that time she took her child. The next day on Monday night she comes to the hospital and says that this is not my child. It has been changed. These allegations are baseless.