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Dangerous infection spreading due to homosexual relations here, a new epidemic will come after Corona!

Confirmed cases of mpox in China have increased 5 times in July. At the same time, the government is making every possible effort to stop this infectious disease. China’s Health Department said that it saw 491 cases in July while it had 106 cases in June. According to the report, most of the infected were men, 96% of them were those who had sex with men only. This is the same virus which till recently was known as monkeypox.

According to the local media, there is no news of any serious case or death of this virus so far. At the same time, WHO said on monkeypox that it is not a global emergency but has advised to make more efforts to reduce it in China.

The Chinese CDC has advised all its local branch employees to spread information about this virus to as many people as possible and to make citizens aware about it.

In China, this Mpox virus has increased a lot since the abolition of the zero covid policy and the opening of the Chinese border to all. According to a statement by Chinese CDC experts, a government campaign is being conducted to raise awareness about the disease, which prompts more people from at-risk groups to seek medical help. At the same time, new cases are being detected continuously among the people coming from abroad.

At the same time, in view of sex with the same sex in men in China, it can be very difficult to stop it. In July, Guangdong Province and Beijing were the two places where the maximum number of cases were reported. But each region, including Shanghai and western Sichuan province, had at least 25 confirmed mumps patients during the month.