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Uttarakhand: The CM gave instructions to the officials to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the state and to take care of the health of pregnant women.

The Chief Minister said that if pregnant women are in need of air lift in times of emergency, then without delay, they should be taken to nearby hospitals with facilities. Singh Dhami directed the officials of the health department to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the state and take care of the health of pregnant women, and if there is a need to airlift pregnant women in times of emergency, they should be taken to nearby hospitals with facilities. The Chief Minister has asked the Secretary Health to prepare a detailed action plan in this regard. In a meeting held at the Chief Minister’s residence with senior officials of the Chief Minister’s Office and officials of the Health Department regarding maternal mortality and care of pregnant women, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that more effective efforts are needed to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the state. Is. He also gave necessary instructions regarding the health care of pregnant women.

Health Secretary R Rajesh Kumar informed that every maternal death in the state is being thoroughly reviewed. Along with this, antenatal registration of all pregnant women is being ensured from the very beginning of pregnancy. In addition, all pregnant women are being advised not only to get timely antenatal check-up through the local ASHA/ANM, but also to call the centralized call center (104 call center) at the scheduled time and get the test done from the nearest health center. Being encouraged to go.

Health Secretary informed that the birth plan of all pregnant women (which includes information about the nearest check-up center and delivery center) is being kept ready and all pregnant women are being arranged for free ultrasound in the 18th to 22nd week of pregnancy. Has been For this, free transport is being arranged through 102 (Happiness Ride) to bring and send back from home. Apart from this, in order to promote institutional delivery, pregnant women in all districts (especially from identified areas in view of road obstacles during disaster) will be provided accommodation in the one stop center being operated near the district hospital about 15 days before the expected date of delivery. Its being done. This arrangement is being done in coordination with the Health Department and the Women and Child Development Department. Through this, in case of emergency delivery, arrangements are made for institutional/safe delivery by admitting the pregnant woman to the nearest district hospital. Arrangement of Rs 2000/- per case has been made for the team which brings the pregnant women through doli/palki to the road head/108 ambulance located away from the road and in view of the road block in case of emergency. Efforts are being made to cover this doli / palanquin system in all disaster affected areas and displaced villages away from road heads.

In times of emergency, pregnant women will be provided the facility to be taken from general health centers to the nearest hospital where caesarean operation is arranged through helicopter as per requirement. Special care is also being taken that even after delivery, arrangements are made for health check-up of all pregnant women and new born babies at their homes at fixed intervals. Also, free vehicle arrangement is available for reference in case of any risk. Taking special care of women with high risk pregnancy, arrangements have been made to conduct additional necessary tests on time. For this, the prescribed incentive amount of Rs. 300/- is being deposited directly into the Asha’s account from time to time. Rs.1400/- in rural areas and Rs.1000/- in urban areas are being given directly to the beneficiary’s account for pregnant women for institutional delivery under the Janani Suraksha Yojana through the Central Government. For this, the state government has also made an additional arrangement of Rs. 2000/- from its level under Eja Boi Shagun Yojana, which will undoubtedly encourage institutional and safe delivery. Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, Special Principal Secretary Abhinav Kumar, Secretaries R Meenakshi Sundaram, Shailesh Bagoli, Vinay Shankar Pandey, Director General Information Banshidhar Tiwari etc were present in the meeting.