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Chandrayaan-3 just one orbit away from soft landing, lander and carrier will be separated from here, know what will change

India’s ambitious mission Chandrayaan-3 has reached its last orbit towards the moon. This is the moment from where important but decisive changes are to take place in Chandrayaan’s journey. According to ISRO, after reaching this orbit, they will start the process of separating the lander.

It has been said in the tweet that after successfully turning on the engine today, it has completed an orbit going towards the moon. Now its distance has remained 153 km x 163 km. From here the lander will be separated and after completing one more round from August 17, the career of this mission will start its separate journey. If all goes well, the lander will make a soft landing on the Moon on August 23 as per its schedule.

Will we be on the moon in a few days?
Union Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Prasad has said that we have reached very close to the moon. ISRO scientists say that if everything goes well, their lander will be on the moon in the coming days. With this success, further gateways will be opened for the journey to the moon.

Many achievements in the account of India as soon as the mission is completed
If this mission is completed successfully, then India will become the fourth country in the world to do this feat. Not only this, India will be the first country in the world to have accomplished this mission without any heavy rocket. Apart from this, another achievement will come in India’s account, according to which India will be the country to execute this mission at the lowest cost.