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Yamuna is flowing beyond the danger mark in Delhi, fear of flood again in low lying areas

The water level of Yamuna in Delhi has crossed the warning point of 204.50 meters due to incessant rains in the mountains. According to the website of the Central Water Commission, the water level at the old railway bridge rose from 203.48 meters at 3 pm on Monday to 204.94 meters at 6 pm on Tuesday. The water level reached up to 205.12 meters by 8:00 pm. The current water level has crossed the danger mark of 205.39 meters. Even today morning the water level of the river is beyond the danger mark.

An official of the Delhi government’s Irrigation and Flood Control Department said low-level flooding may occur at some places along the river, but a serious situation is unlikely. Earlier on Monday, the flow rate at Hathinikund barrage in Haryana’s Yamunanagar rose to 75,000 cusecs at 9 am, the highest since July 26. The CWC’s five-day flood forecast shows that the water level may touch the warning level of 204.5 meters on Wednesday. An official of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department of the Delhi government said that we are monitoring the situation. Water level may rise but serious situation is unlikely.

There was an outcry due to floods in July
Delhi faced severe flooding in mid-July due to heavy rainfall in the capital and the mountains. On July 13, the Yamuna river rose to a record 208.66 metres, breaking previous records as well. Compared to the past several years, flood water had entered the city more deeply. More than 27000 people were evacuated from the flood affected areas. In terms of property, business and earnings, there has been a loss of up to crores of rupees.