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Truth and Reality

Bihar / Patna: The woman left two husbands, killed the third, then was going to become a bride for the fourth time, this is how the secret was revealed.

Police has solved the case of death of a youth from Badaun of Uttar Pradesh in Phulwari Sharif of Patna. According to the police, mother-in-law, father-in-law and wife together strangled the young man to death. The deceased’s wife Asmari Khatoon alias Manju Devi had married twice before. The brother of deceased Subhash Prajapati says that his sister-in-law was having an affair with someone else and she wanted to marry for the fourth time.

Subhash used to oppose this. That’s why he was murdered. Police say that the deceased was a drug addict, hence he often had fights with his wife. This is why he was murdered. Family members told that Subhash Prajapati had married Asmeri Khatoon, resident of Phulwari Sharif Bhusaula Danapur, two years ago.

Asmari Khatoon had been married twice before. After leaving both her husbands, Asgari married Subhash Prajapati for the third time two years ago. Deceased’s brother Brijesh Prajapati told that Asgari Khatoon married Subhash by luring him. Asghari Khatun also has two children from two husbands.

The woman wanted to marry for the fourth time

Subhash Prajapati’s brother Brijesh Prajapati told that Subhash’s wife Ajmeri Khatoon had an illicit relationship with another boy. After Subhash, his wife Ajmeri Khatun wanted Rachna for the fourth time with that boy. Subhash Prajapati had come to know about this. As soon as Subhash got information about this, he started protesting against this to his wife Ajmeri Khatoon. It is being told that due to this protest, wife Ajmeri Khatoon, mother-in-law Akhtari Khatoon and father-in-law Mohammad Alauddin together killed their son-in-law by strangulating him with a rope.

Phulwari Sharif police got suspicious like this

Phulwari Sharif police station in-charge Safir Alam said that the police started investigation after Subhash Prajapati’s body was found in the field on Friday. Police found a mark on the neck of the deceased. After that he changed the angle of investigation. After the postmortem report it was also revealed that Subhash had been murdered. The dead body was found in the area of Subhash’s in-laws house. The police strictly interrogated the in-laws and they confessed to their crime.