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Prime Minister Modi raised the issue of Khalistani activities with Britain and Canada in G20, know what was the stand of Trudeau and Rishi Sunak.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue of increasing Khalistani activities in Britain and Canada during the G-20 summit. Sources reveal that during bilateral level talks, the PM expressed concern about the growing Khalistani supporters in both the countries and the conspiracy against India. India also demanded British PM Rishi Sunak and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop Khalistani activities and stop protests against India. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took this issue seriously. Let us tell you that just a few days ago, British PM Sunak has formed a separate fund to take strict action against Khalistanis. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau also listened to PM Modi. But it did not react warmly. While Rishi Sunak assured India of strict action against Khalistanis.

Sources say that the Prime Minister has highlighted the growing pro-Khalistan activities at the bilateral level with the UK and Canada. The Prime Minister always raises issues that directly impact our national security. Earlier, over the phone, India has raised its voice several times against the increasing Khalistani activities in Canada and has expressed its objection to Justin Trudeau. It is a different matter that Justin Trudeau has been seen defending himself every time by taking strict action against Khalistanis.

There was no warmth in Trudeau during his meeting with PM Modi in G-20

During the G-20 summit, all the world leaders met with PM Modi with great warmth. From US President Joe Biden to British PM Rishi Sunak, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Australian PM Anthony Albanese and heads of state of Brazil and South Africa also joked during the meeting with Prime Minister Modi. Also laughed on many occasions. But the face of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was visible in every picture. It seemed as if the Prime Minister of Canada was averting his eyes from PM Modi. Laughter and warmth could not be seen on his face in any of the pictures.

Trudeau is known for his sympathy towards Khalistanis

How did Canadian PM Justin Trudeau know that Prime Minister Modi would definitely raise the issue of Khalistani activities during G-20. Therefore, he kept averting his eyes during every meeting with Prime Minister Modi. As if they have no answer to India’s opposition. Let us tell you that Justin Trudeau is already known for his sympathy towards Khalistanis. He also has a strong affinity for the Khalistani Sikhs living in Canada. Sikh ministers have been getting equal number of places in his cabinet. From this it can be understood that Justin Trudeau has always avoided direct action against Khalistanis. He is able to take only formal action on India’s concerns. Khalistanis often attack the Indian Embassy in Canada and desecrate the tricolor. Despite this, the Canadian government refrains from taking strict action against them.

PM Modi’s excellent jugalbandi with British PM

On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi’s chemistry with British PM Rishi Sunak looked very good. He was seen laughing, hugging and laughing with PM Modi on many occasions. As soon as he came to India, Rishi Sunak had said that he is proud to be a Hindu and he celebrates all the festivals from Rakshabandhan to Janmashtami according to Indian tradition. He also offered prayers with his wife at Akshardham Temple in Delhi today. In one picture, he is seen with PM Modi and Draupadi Murmu along with his wife. He is also proud to be of Indian origin.