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PM Modi launches his WhatsApp channel, people will be able to connect directly

If you use WhatsApp and want to connect directly with Prime Minister Modi, then there is good news for you. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released his WhatsApp channel. With the help of which even the common man can directly connect with Modi through WhatsApp. Let us tell you that instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently released a new channel feature on its platform, which allows celebrities and popular persons to create WhatsApp channels.

What is WhatsApp channel?

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp recently released a new channels feature, similar to Telegram. With the help of this feature, celebrities can create their own WhatsApp channel and common users can connect with them directly. WhatsApp has also included a Directory Search feature in Channels, which helps users find channels created by their favorite content creators, businesses or celebrities. Not only this, users also get the facility to react to the messages of the creators. Now along with PM Modi, many other celebrities and leaders have also created their own channels. You can follow them.

How the feature works

WhatsApp channels will be displayed in a new tab that appears called Updates on iOS and Android smartphones. This tab includes WhatsApp status messages as well as the new WhatsApp Channels feature. Users can also access an enhanced director that is filtered based on their country and can view channels that are popular based on number of followers, most active, and new on WhatsApp. Additionally, users can also search the channel of the celebrity of their choice.

How to join your favorite celebrity’s channel

▪️If you have not got the WhatsApp channel feature yet, then first update your app.
▪️Now open the app and go to the new update tab. Here you will see the option of Find Channels at the bottom.
▪️Tap on ‘See all’ near Find Channels and search PM Modi from the search button.
▪️Here you will see PM Modi’s WhatsApp channel. To follow Modi’s channel, tap on the plus button or go to the channel and follow him.

Similarly you can connect with other celebrities also.