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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad: Now electricity department will not raid after sunset, people taking readings from homes will wear ID card

The electricity department team will no longer conduct raids after sunset. If a woman is at home, it will be mandatory to have a woman member in the squad even for raiding during the day. This decision was taken during a meeting with electricity officials at the Circuit House under the chairmanship of MLC Dr. Jaipal Singh Busy, Chairman of the Electricity System Inquiry Committee of the Legislative Council.

The committee resolved the issue of transformer shifting in Jigar Colony. Also, time has been fixed for undergrounding the power line in Shivpuri. There was an agenda of 27 points before the committee but answers were sought from the officials on 26 points.

These included meter malfunction, overloaded transformer, line loss and other points. It was decided that no raid would be conducted after sunset. The raid of Electricity Corporation will take place only during the day. Before conducting the raid, the team will have to take permission from the local executive engineer.

It will be mandatory to have a female member in the squad to raid a woman’s house. To solve the problems of the people, two executive engineers will be appointed in the city and rural areas.

ID required for meter reading
The committee decided that while doing meter reading, the employees will go to the respective houses or shops with ID around their neck. They will call the landlord and hand over the bill for the reading. Employees will not leave the bills by throwing them in the hall unattended. Earlier, when the landlord was not found, the employees would throw away the bill and go away.

Electricity system will be transformed by 2025
MLC Dr. Jaipal Singh Busy said that an amount of Rs 1200 crore has been received from the Central Government. Of these, Rs 480 crore has been received for smart meters. Similarly Rs 400 crores have been received in support. Dilapidated electrical wires will be replaced with Rs 424 crore.

Rs 40 crore will be spent for electricity of Municipality and Nagar Panchayat areas except Municipal Corporation. Rs 40 crore will be kept for electrical security. The target is to completely repair the electricity system by 2025. Everywhere in the district will be illuminated.

MLA Ritesh Gupta, District Panchayat President Dr. Shafali Singh, MLC Hari Singh Dhillon, Ashok Kataria, Mayor Vinod Aggarwal, Kunwar Maharaj, DM Manvendra Singh, CDO Sumit Yadav, BJP District President Akash Pal, Metropolitan President Sanjay Sharma and other officials were present in the meeting. Were.