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West Bengal: Childhood spent in poverty, now 25 year old Wali Rahmani raised Rs 6 crore for children in 6 days, ‘Umeed Academy’ will open, know how?

25 year old Wali Rahmani, resident of West Bengal, is in discussion on social media these days. The reason is the Rs 6 crore fund raised for the education of poor children. Wali Rahmani of South 24 Parganas district of Bengal has raised a fund of Rs 6 crore to build an English medium school for poor children. He has set a target of raising Rs 10 crore. Out of which, in just 6 days he has raised Rs 6 crore through crowd funding.

Rahmani was dreaming of opening a grand English medium school for the last 3 years for the education of poor children. He named the school ‘Umeed Academy’. Currently the construction work of his ‘Umeed Academy’ is going on. His ‘Umeed Academy’ is running in a rented room. In which 300 children study. More than 1500 children are waiting for admission in their school but there is no space.

Appealed to people by releasing video

Rahmani told TOI in an interview that in the last three years, I went to different people and asked for help for funds. But someone would keep him sitting for hours and someone would ignore him by paying a thousand rupees. After this I decided to raise money for crowd funding. Funds worth Rs 6 crore have arrived in the last 6 days. Rs 10 crore will arrive soon.

For crowd funding, Rahmani recorded a video and made a touching appeal to the minority community of the country. He said that there are 20 crore Muslims living in this country, out of which only 20 lakh people donate Rs 100 each, then I will be able to raise Rs 10 crore for the school.

Childhood spent in poverty

Rahmani told that when more than Rs 5 lakh funds came into the account, the bank officials alerted him about the scam. After this, I took the bank officials to the site and got everything verified. Rahmani, who dreamed of building a school for poor children, spent his life in poverty. Father used to drive rickshaw. He said that I had to struggle a lot for education in my childhood. Therefore, I decided that there should be a school for poor children which should have all the facilities like big schools.