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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad: Ganesh Pandal made on the theme of Chandrayaan-3, the echo of Dhol Nagad in the city, fiercely fly Abir-Gulal

Immersion of the statues of Ganapati Bappa set up on Ganesh Chaturthi was done on the tune of the drum-nauseas. Immersion trips from almost all the colonies of the city came out. The devotees danced on the ranging hymns on the DJ. All the devotees were drenched by color-gulal. This time, Ganesh Pandal was made at Chandrayaan-3 theme at many places in the city. Chandrayaan’s model was displayed in these pandals. By reaching Ramganga river, the devotees immediately worshiped the statue of Lord Shri Ganesh Maharaj. Ganapati Bappa, who was appointed by the devotees, raised the city’s atmosphere.

In the ancient Shiva temple located in Naveen Nagar, the Ganapati festival has a lot. The pilgrims did the worship and kirti of Bappa in the temple premises. On Saturday morning, after the worship of Pooja and Havan, immersed the statue of Bappa and prayed for the next year. During this period, Suraj Saxena, Nikhil, Anmol, Sanjay, Manju Saxena, Namita, Border, Neelu, etc. are present. Ganesh Bhagya’s makeup, Pandit Greece Kumar, on behalf of Gehoi Vaish Sabha. Chief Yzameshwar Rameshwar Prasad Gupta, Hariom Gupta. All the members did and then assumed Prasad in Bhandara. After this the immersion travel was extracted. Grand Bhandara was organized by Mr. Sarafa Committee Mandi Chowk. After this, the welcome to the immersion journey was rained rain. During this, Sandeep Singhal, Amit Gupta, Raghuvir Prasad, Naveen Rastogi, Pradeep Agarwal, Nitin Agarwal etc. were present. Immersion journey was extracted from Mr. Sarafam Committee Market Ganj. The whole environment became colorful from color-gulal. Lord Ganesha began to resonate. Artists tied up with cultural presentations. During this time, Sachin Agarwal was present.

Gudiya Mohalla removed immersion journey by Kashyap House. In the devotees, Lord Keeping the statue of Lord Ganesha in the trail. All the devotees on the ranging on the DJ. The enthusiasm of women and children was becoming. At the same time, some devotees went to Immersions for Ganesh statues from scooters and bikes. Ganesh Immersion Shobhayatra was decorated with balloons from the ideal colony. The devotees from all colonies reached Ganesh statue to immersion on Ramganga river near the CL Gupta Eye Institute. This became a fair atmosphere like the river. Keeping the devotees on the head and reached the river side. There was a law of Ganapati Bappa worshiped by the legislation. Their aarti got up. Lord Ganesha was prayed for happiness.