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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad: Uproar over religious conversion, RSS Nagar Karyavah said – 5 families were converted to Christianity by luring

There was an uproar in Moradabad on Sunday morning over religious conversion. Women going to church in a van were stopped by RSS workers. It was alleged that all of them were being lured to the church for religious conversion by luring them with Rs 2.5 lakh each.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s city executive Govind Ram said – “For a long time, a campaign to convert Hindus into Christians has been going on in Brajdham Colony of Govind Nagar. They are being converted from Hindus to Christians by luring them for marriage and by giving them money. Till now, we have come to our notice of 5 such families who are Hindus. We had received information that every Sunday a van comes from the church. In it, people are lured and taken to the church. Then gradually they are induced to become Christians.”

RSS workers present in the Sangh’s branch stopped the van

RSS city secretary Govind Ram said that on Sunday around 5:30 am, Shri Ram Shakha of Sangh was organized in Brajdham Colony. Then information was received that a van from Govind Nagar Brajdham Colony was going to the church carrying some women, children and men. As soon as the information was received, City Executive Govind Ram, City Assistant Executive Vikram Singh and other union officials and workers immediately reached the spot. These people stopped the van. During this time some people got down from the van and went away. While the rest were caught by the Sangh officials and handed over to the police.

Locks on the houses of families who changed religion

After the uproar on Sunday morning, 5 houses in Govind Nagar Brajdham Colony are locked. These are the same five families whose religious conversion has been claimed by RSS officials. After the uproar, the people living in these families hastily locked their houses and went somewhere.

Police said – We go to our wishes Church

Inspector Katghar Tejheer has confirmed some women and men to custody from Brajadham Colony on Sunday morning. Inspector said that, we had cooked some people after the morning. But in the interrogation these people have said that they went to the church. Someone has not forced any emphasis. Inspector said that in the case the investigation is going on and no action has been taken. RSS Nagar Workers Govind Ram says that there are two women in the women who were caught by the spot, which was the campaign of religion by giving greed.

The game of religion change will not run

RSS’s city workmen Govind Ram said to Dainik Bhaskar, we will not let the game of change changes to run by greed at any cost. We were getting information that this game is going on for a long time. Someone had given two and a half lakh rupees to anyone. We have taken action in this case and handed over the police and handed over the police.

Used to tell boys, you will become a prince

RSS city co-functionary Vikram Singh said that the game of converting people into Christians by luring them was going on for a long time. Boys who were not married were lured to get married. It was said that you would become a prince. Similarly, people were being converted into Christians by giving them various inducements.