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Uttarakhand: BJP is proud of its brilliant performance, celebratory atmosphere in the state office

After BJP’s victory with a huge majority in three states of the country, victory celebrations are also being seen at the party headquarters in Uttarakhand. During this time, be it party workers or leaders, as soon as the results came, they started gathering in the party office. With this victory, victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is also being claimed.

At the BJP headquarters in Dehradun, party workers celebrated the victory by singing and dancing to the beats of drums. During this, party workers believe that this victory is the victory of the strategies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi through which the common people across the country are getting benefits. The workers said that the way BJP workers enter the elections with full strength. The result is that BJP is expanding its victory in the states.

During this, women workers said that women have given their support to BJP. The BJP government has also contributed by running various schemes for women. Therefore, women are completely coming out in favor of BJP and giving such results in favor of BJP.

At the same time, Rajya Sabha MP from Uttarakhand, Naresh Bansal, while talking to ETV Bharat, said that Bharatiya Janata Party wins on the basis of its works. At present, the works of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are being appreciated as the hero of the country. He said that the public has approved the work of the Central Government. Congress is now being wiped out from the entire country.

Workers celebrated with Madan Kaushik in Haridwar

BJP workers, excited by the assembly elections in three states, are seen celebrating. BJP workers celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm in Haridwar also. BJP workers danced vigorously while bursting fireworks at Chandracharya Chowk. BJP workers celebrated victory in three states by feeding each other sweets. BJP city MLA Madan Kaushik said that this performance of BJP in three states will help in increasing the enthusiasm before the 2024 general elections. BJP District President Sandeep Goyal expressed gratitude to the public on the results of the assembly elections.