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Bihar / Muzaffarpur: The teacher had come to flirt with his girlfriend at midnight, then something unexpected happened

In Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, a teacher found it difficult to meet his girlfriend at midnight. A BPSC teacher was caught with a neighboring girl at midnight in a village in the district. According to the villagers, the teacher was recently posted in the village school. Then after a few days, his friendship with a girl from the neighborhood turned into love. Both of them fell in love and then last night when the teacher came to meet his girlfriend, people caught hold of them and got them married.

Went to meet girlfriend at midnight

Actually, this whole matter is of Jagougila village of Bhulra Panchayat of Aurai. According to the villagers, the name of the teacher is Noor Ahmed Tarmji and he is a resident of Meenapur. Noor Ahmed Tarmji is currently posted in Middle School Jagolia Urdu. The teacher lives there with his mother in a rented house. A few days ago, the teacher fell in love with the girl from his neighbourhood. After this the teacher went to meet his girlfriend at night. Meanwhile, when the local people saw the teacher entering his girlfriend’s room at 12:00 in the night, he caught him red handed and made him agree for marriage.

People entering the room saw

According to the information, teacher Noor Ahmed Tarmji, resident of Darhipatti village of Meenapur police station area, was selected from BPSC and appointed in Middle School Jagolia Urdu in November 2023. After that they lived in a rented house. Meanwhile, he fell in love with the girl from the neighbourhood. Then both of them kept meeting secretly here and there. The local people saw the said teacher entering his girlfriend’s room. After this people asked both of them to get married. After this both agreed happily. After this both of them were married. The matter remains a topic of discussion in the area.