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Uttar Pradesh / Deoria: Uncle absconds with niece, discussion of marriage intensifies between the two

The maternal uncle has ruined the sacred relationship between maternal uncle and niece by keeping all the decorum aside. There is news of a cousin uncle and niece absconding amidst the noise of a wedding procession in the neighbourhood. There is a lot of discussion among the people that maternal uncle and niece have got married. The incident took place in a village under Tarkulwa police station area.

The maternal grandmother of a girl from a village in the police station area is in the neighboring village. The girl’s maternal uncle’s cousin often visited her house. Meanwhile, the cousin uncle and niece were in tears. After this both of them started meeting each other secretly. When their love blossomed, they decided to live and die together. On Monday, a wedding procession had come to my niece’s neighbourhood. All the men and women of his house were busy in this. Meanwhile, the maternal uncle took advantage of the opportunity and ran away with the niece from her house at night.

When the family members came to know about this on Tuesday morning, they were shocked. On the other hand, there is a lot of discussion among the people that uncle and niece have got married in a neighboring temple at night.