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Maharashtra: Treatment done on the road by hanging glucose bottle on a rope, video goes viral

Patients were made to lie down on the road and treated with glucose bottles hung in the air with the help of ropes. This picture of patients undergoing treatment on the road outside the hospital is now going viral. The incident took place in Buldhana, Maharashtra. Where about 300 patients have been treated in this manner. It is being said that all these people fell ill after eating food served during a religious event.

According to the information received, after receiving information that a large number of people were ill, they were immediately taken to a nearby hospital. The relatives of the patients allege that there was no proper arrangement for the treatment of these people in the hospital. The situation was such that even inside the hospital, many patients were treated by lying on the floor. Whereas there were many patients who had to be treated on the road.

In the video going viral regarding this incident, it is seen that the family members of the people who were being treated on the road were also present there. The relatives of the patients told NDTV that when they reached this hospital with their patient, even doctors were not available there. When no doctor came there for some time, the family members had to call a private doctor. According to officials, the condition of 30 patients in this incident is very serious.