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PMJAY affiliated hospitals in Gujarat have not received payment for months, crisis in treatment of patients

In Gujarat, private hospitals are facing losses due to non-payment of dues under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY). In such a situation, the PMJAY Empaneled Private Hospital Association of Gujarat has decided to stop the patients under the scheme from 26 to 29 February in the hospitals.  Has announced to stop treatment. The association has said that under PMJAY, patients have been being treated in private hospitals of Gujarat, but these private hospitals have outstanding bills of Rs 300 crores. If the bills are not paid, these hospitals  Are facing financial crisis. Under such circumstances, hospitals are not in a position to treat patients under PMJAY.

The association has said that despite several meetings with the government, only 10 percent payment was made.  This payment is very less for any hospital.  The situation of hospitals, which are facing financial problems due to non-payment of payments under PMJAY, has now become like being on ventilators.

Crores of payments outstanding
PMJAY Empanelment Private Hospital Association of Gujarat has alleged that Bajaj Insurance Company is creating a lot of problems in various matters including payment rejection and deduction of hospitals.  Despite several requests to PMJAY officials and the government, no solution has been found.  Due to this, payment of Rs 300 crore is outstanding from private hospitals in the last two years.  Due to no solution regarding payment, treatment of patients under PMJAY will be stopped in private hospitals from 26 to 29 February.  During this period only emergency services will be maintained.

To ensure that the patients do not face any kind of problem, the association has appealed to the patients to go to the government hospitals of the area for treatment under PMJAY from 26th to 29th February. Along with this, regarding the remaining payment, an appeal has been made to the Health Minister of Gujarat to help the private hospitals in making the payment soon, so that the patients do not have to face any problem.