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Entry not found in the club, lost life due to cold outside… Big revelation on the death of Indian-origin student Akul in America

The issue of continuous deaths of Indian students in America remains in the headlines. The seriousness of the matter can be gauged from the fact that the White House had to respond to the death of Indian students in America. Meanwhile, a big revelation has come to light regarding the death of Indian student Akul Dhawan on January 20.

Now it has come to light that Akul Dhawan, an Indian-origin student studying at the University of Illinois, America, died of hypothermia. It is being said that Akul was on a night out with some of his friends. Meanwhile his friends went to the night club but Akul did not get entry into the club.

Now, almost a month after Akul’s death, the Champaign County Coroner’s Office has revealed this. According to the campus police department, Dhawan died on January 20. According to the report, Dhawan was drinking alcohol with his friends but around 11.30 pm his friends went to the Canopy Club located near the campus but the club staff refused to give entry to Akul Dhawan.

Surveillance footage revealed that Akul tried to enter the club several times but the staff did not allow him to enter. The temperature that night was -2.7 degrees.

How did Akul Dhawan die?

According to the Kansas City Star report, the temperature on the night when Akul Dhawan died was -2.7 degrees Celsius. Dhawan’s friends kept calling him the whole night but Akul did not pick up the phone. After this, a friend of Akul contacted the campus police. But despite several efforts, nothing could be found about Akul.

Next morning Akul was seen lying behind a building. He was declared dead on the spot. Later, the police attributed Akul’s death to excessive drinking and bone-chilling cold.

Akul’s family raised questions on the police

Regarding the death of Akul Dhawan, his family had written an open letter to the police and raised questions on them. Akul’s family said in an open letter published in The News Gazette that they kept asking why Akul’s body was found ten hours after he went missing. If he had been found in time, he could have been saved. The distance between the place where he went missing and where his body was found was only 200 feet.

Let us tell you that Akul’s parents live in the San Francisco Bay Area of ​​California. However, the police say that they took action immediately after receiving the information. But Akul’s family says that the police never took their son seriously.