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China is openly supporting Hamas, said- their violence is not terrorism, but a legitimate struggle

China has openly supported Hamas amid the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. According to China, the people of Gaza Strip have the right to bear arms. There is a war going on in his house for a long time and he can protest against it by taking up arms. China also said that this had happened in many countries during the colonial period. For this reason, it is right for the people of Palestine to take up arms, they have the right to do so.

Ma Xinmin, legal adviser to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that Palestinians have the right to wage armed struggle because Israel continues its war in the Gaza Strip. This was said by China in the fourth hearing of Palestine’s argument. On behalf of Palestine, it was said that Israel is making its illegal occupation permanent in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Palestinians have the right to bear arms
Shinmin said that the people of Palestine have the right to take up arms to resist foreign oppression and maintain the independence of their country. The violence of these people is not terrorism, but a legitimate armed struggle. This happened in many parts of the world during the colonial period. However, due to its expansionist policy, China has been illegally occupying many places. China has forcefully crushed the rebellion in many places including Hong Kong.

The struggle continues since October 7
Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, in which around 1200 died and 250 people were taken hostage. After this Israel retaliated. There was a one-week ceasefire from November 1st. Apart from this, there is continuous war going on in Gaza Strip. According to the Health Ministry of Gaza, more than 29 thousand people have died here. At the same time, more than 69 thousand people have been injured.