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‘I am trapped in 2027, I am the last person…’, ‘Time Traveler’ made a shocking revelation

Time travel is such a thing that the less people know about it, the more they want to know about it. Apart from this, many stories and claims of time travel are popular. Recently, a person claiming to be a time traveler has surprised people by making unique claims.

‘Stuck in 2027’

This mysterious person claimed to be a “time traveler stranded in 2027”. This person named Javier has surprised social media users with his recent TikTok (Tiktok@unicosobreviviente) update. In this, he has shared a video of himself driving alone on the always busy roads. In this he is also telling that he is the last person left in the world.

Xavier first went viral in 2021 when he claimed he was transported six years into the future, where he saw that he was the only person left in the world, the Daily Star reported. Since then, as proof of this, he has been sharing videos of himself roaming in deserted cities on TikTok.

Roads and airports looked deserted

Earlier in many of his videos, he was seen deserted and deserted from tourist places like Colosseum in Rome, Italy to the airport. In the latest video he is seen driving a luxury car. One of the clips, which has received over 11,000 likes, was posted in response to a troll who said: “This does not show the driver driving at high speed.” After this the man was seen driving it with the camera mounted on his shoulder to show the road in front of him.

‘If you are stuck in 2027 then till 2024…?’

It seemed like it was an empty road, where only cars were parked on the side of the road and there were no pedestrians on the road or any car walking in front of it. However, TikTok users are divided into two groups on the man’s claims. One said- How many days have you been stuck there? Go to the supermarket and pick up stuff for free. Another user said that if you are stuck in 2027 then how are you able to post videos till 2024? Most of the people are not believing what Xavier is saying but many people are also surprised by his video and are asking a lot of questions.

Some time ago, to prove himself a time traveller, Xavier also shared a video of Emirates Stadium and Stamford Bridge. In a series of videos on TikTok, he shared footage of himself hanging out around Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs.