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Uttarakhand: CM heard the 110th edition of Mann Ki Baat program, said PM promotes the culture of the state

Listened to the 110th edition of Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. In today’s program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed various important topics like women empowerment, natural farming, drones, wildlife conservation. Along with this, he appealed to the youth who voted for the first time to vote in record numbers under the campaign “Mera Pehla Vote – For the Country” being run by the Election Commission.

CM appealed to celebrate the festival of democracy

After the program, CM Dhami said in his address that the people of the state should also celebrate the festival of democracy this time. Along with this, he appealed to vote enthusiastically in the 18th Lok Sabha elections. CM Dhami said that PM Modi also mentioned the drone prepared in collaboration with Wildlife Institute of India in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Through which cooperation is being taken in keeping an eye on the crocodiles of Ken River.

PM Modi promotes the culture of the state: CM

He said that in view of the complex geographical conditions of Uttarakhand, drone technology is proving to be a boon for the inaccessible areas here. Recently, about two kilograms of blood has been transported from AIIMS Rishikesh to District Hospital Tehri through drone. CM Dhami said that his words increase positive energy. CM said that PM promotes the culture of Uttarakhand in every program.

PM Modi won people’s trust: CM

CM said that PM Modi has won the trust of the people. This trust has to be earned. He has won the hearts of the country as well as the world. He is the world’s most popular leader in all surveys across the world. Under his leadership, the way of working in the country has changed. When we compare the India of 2024 with the India before 2014, the difference is clearly visible in how India has progressed. Today 80 crore people in the country are being given free food grains and gas connections.

People are coming to Uttarakhand in large numbers: CM

CM Dhami said that PM Modi has decided to give appointment to 10 lakh people across the country. On which progress is being made. Appointment letters are being given to youth in the state also. Today a large number of people are coming to Uttarakhand. Global Investors Summit is a beginning for Uttarakhand. Representatives of more than 50 countries have come to Uttarakhand to set up their industries.