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US: Biden wins from Democrat side in Michigan, Trump wins from Republican side, may face off again in presidential election

Presidential elections are to be held in America at the end of this year. Meanwhile, the internal elections for the presidential bid in the Democratic and Republican parties are becoming interesting. While so far only Joe Biden has emerged as a candidate from the Democrat Party, Nikki Haley has presented a challenge to Donald Trump in the Republican Party. However, till now Trump has been ahead of the rest of the party’s contenders in all the states. On Tuesday, both Biden and Trump won the primary (party internal competition) elections in Michigan.

It is noteworthy that the Democratic and Republican parties field only the candidate who wins these primary elections as a contender for the post of President. In Michigan, President Biden took advantage of his popularity and defeated Minnesota representative Dean Phillips, who was still challenging him in the Democratic Party. With this, the party further strengthened its claim for the post of President.

On the other hand, Donald Trump, who has not lost even one of the internal elections held in four states of the Republican Party, also won in Michigan on Tuesday. She defeated nearest rival Nikki Haley once again. According to Trump’s campaign, to run as the presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Trump will need the support of a total of 1215 delegates (locally nominated representatives of the party) from all the states by mid-March.

Where has Trump registered victory so far?
Since submitting his presidential bid in the Republican Party, Donald Trump has so far won five states. They first started with a win in Iowa. After this, Trump strengthened his claim for the presidency by defeating Nikki Haley in Nevada, Virgin Islands and South Carolina. Now with the victory in Michigan, he has won the support of delegates from five states.

In which states has Joe Biden been the winner so far?
On the other hand, President Joe Biden has so far won four states in the internal elections of the Democratic Party for the second term. These include New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada. With his victory in Michigan, speculations have once again intensified about a contest between Donald Trump versus Joe Biden on the lines of 2020 presidential election.