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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: There was a dispute regarding the cemetery land also

There is a long standing dispute regarding the cemetery in Kargi Grand Muslim Basti, Dehradun. Actually, in an order it has been said that 1.5 hectare land was given for the cemetery in Kargi Grant. But now Municipal Corporation Dehradun has passed the tender for the road on this land.

Dispute regarding cemetery land

There is a dispute going on regarding the cemetery in Grand Muslim Basti for a long time. Let us tell you that in an order this land was given for the cemetery. But now the Municipal Corporation has passed the tender for the road on this land. Whereas MDDA does not have any ownership rights on this land. But despite this, MDDA officials have passed the tender for the road on the cemetery.

Local people made allegations

Local people allege that the Uttarakhand Secretariat Committee, located near the Vigilance Office at Kargi Grand Muslim Basti in Dehradun, has started a big land scam by misusing their positions to implement the land grabbing plan by naming it a project. is being executed.

Demand for investigation from CM

On Saturday, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal leader Anupam Khatri held a press conference along with some local people. In which he alleged that under the guise of the CM’s name, the Secretariat Committee members are busy talking about their illegal plotting without a contact road.

Along with this, he said that on the basis of the Chief Minister’s announcement, MDDA passed the tender for a link road. He alleged that when this announcement was searched, it was found that neither any direct directions were given to the authority nor any clear orders were found regarding construction of the road. Anupam Khatri has requested that CM Dhami should take cognizance of this matter and get the matter investigated.