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Corporation claims prevention of dengue in Dehradun as ‘smoke’, it wreaked havoc last year

With increasing heat, mosquitoes have also become active in Doon. The city faces dengue outbreak almost every time during the rainy season. In such a situation, this time the Municipal Corporation is making claims of timely fogging and spraying of larvicide, but till now the action of the Corporation is not visible in the colonies of the city. Last year, dengue had exposed the systems in the city. In such a situation, this time also the negligence of the system can prove costly.

Taking timely precautionary measures, the Municipal Corporation is claiming to start fogging in the city from April 1. However, till now neither fogging of the corporation nor spraying of larvicide has been seen anywhere. Whereas, as the heat increases, mosquitoes have become active and are already causing trouble in the streets and localities.

Two weeks ago, the Municipal Commissioner had given instructions to the Health Section to take all effective steps to prevent dengue and not to allow the larvae to grow during the rainy season. After which the Municipal Corporation claims that fogging has been started in densely populated areas from April 1.

Cleaning supervisors have been given the responsibility of ward-wise fogging. Also, the contracted company has been asked to provide all the resources on time. Fogging machines have also been repaired. However, the claims of the corporation are not visible on the ground. Whereas, last year, fogging was started by the Municipal Corporation in June, then a large number of dengue cases started coming in July and the situation became very serious in August-September.

No attention is paid to cleaning drains in colonies
As the heat increases, mosquitoes and flies have started breeding. Small and big drains in the streets and neighborhoods are filled with dirty water and there is no solution. The residents of the area are continuously complaining to the Municipal Corporation, but the Corporation is still not losing its sleep. The sanitation system is derailed in most of the dense colonies of the city.

Water and garbage are accumulated in the drains. As the heat increases, people are troubled by the foul smell emanating from the drains and mosquitoes are also spreading. The corporation is receiving complaints from many colonies regarding opening and cleaning of choke drains.