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Iranian army landed commandos and captured the ‘Israeli’ ship coming to India, Indian crew also present, heavy tension

Iran has captured MSC Eris, a ship coming from UAE to India amid the ongoing war-like situation with Israel. Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported on Saturday that Iranian Navy commandos have captured this ship coming to India on charges of having links with Israel. This entire incident took place in the Strait of Hormuz. It is seen in the video of this incident that the Iranian army commandos who came by helicopter captured this ship. This ship was flying the flag of Portugal and is associated with a London-based company, Zodiac Maritime. Zodiac Group is owned by Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer. It is being told that the crew of this ship is Indian and the number is said to be around 17.

Zodiac Group has refused to comment on this entire incident. The MSC Aris was last seen off the coast of Dubai on Friday and was heading towards the Strait of Hormuz. The ship had turned off its tracking data, which is common for Israeli ships passing through the area. Earlier, an organization associated with the British Military had also confirmed this attack. A crew member was heard telling him not to come out. After this, more commandos of the Iranian army landed on the ship.

This ship was going to Mumbai port of India

One commando was seen crouching and pointing his gun, providing cover to other commandos. It is being told that this helicopter is used by the Iranian paramilitary force Revolutionary Guard, which has already attacked ships. The Iranian Navy has taken this action at a time when there is a war-like situation between Iran and Israel. In view of the threat of Iranian attack, America has also deployed large-scale warships in this area. Iran has said that if America helps Israel, it will also be targeted.

Meanwhile, Iran’s state media has admitted that army commandos have captured a cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz. It is being told that this ship was going from UAE to Mumbai port of India. Let us tell you that after Israel killed the Iranian army commander in Syria, a war-like situation is being created between the two countries. America says that the Iranian army can attack Israel with missiles and drones at any time.