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Palestine supporters demonstrated in many cities of America

In Illinois, California, New York and the Pacific Northwest, Palestinian supporters blocked roads in strong demonstrations. Due to the protests, traffic was temporarily closed on the country’s major airports, the Golden Gate and the always busy West Coast highway. According to Rifka Falaneh, who is demonstrating in support of Palestine, protesters protested in Chicago around seven o’clock in the morning by blocking the interstate highway leading to O’Hare International Airport.

Traffic remained disrupted

Protesters blocked all vehicles and pedestrians on the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco area, due to which traffic was disrupted for several hours. Similarly, protesters demonstrated on Interstate 880 in Oakland. Protesters marching in Brooklyn also blocked the road leading to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge. Apart from this, protesters blocked Interstate Highway 5 in Eugene and Oregon, due to which traffic on the highway was disrupted for about 45 minutes.

People faced problems

Madeline Hannan, a resident of Chicago, said that she had to board a plane from O’Hare to go to Florida, but due to the protest, she and her husband were stuck for 20 minutes. She said that in such a situation, they got out of their car and ran for 1.6 kilometers to reach the airport. Hannan said that although she reached there on time, she had to face difficulties. According to the Chicago Aviation Department, operations at the airport started 15 minutes late and after that it was normal. At the same time, traffic on the road leading to O’Hare Airport also became normal again around 9 am.