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What is the status of NEET-Vet to take away the life of a young child? the problem lies somewhere else

Just a few years ago, could you believe that the Prime Minister would ever meet children playing video games at home? Big gamers from the country met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a round table and discussed with him for a long time. He is a gamer so naturally the discussion was on games only. The video of this discussion was broadcast on news channels. After the discussion, a gamer says, ‘Mummy-Papa, your son has met Modi ji.’ Other gamers also have similar feelings. He is saying that he had never even dreamed of meeting the Prime Minister. He is very happy. He was happy before, but now he is also proud of the fact that now no one will be able to say that he is earning money, but somehow.

Prime Minister Modi’s identity has also been created by his foresight. They have understood that the gaming world is shaping up to be a very big business. Children cannot be stopped from playing games. So, instead of there always being a conflict between parents and children, it is better that both understand their respective responsibilities and whatever approach is made towards gaming, it should not be based on assumptions but should be made according to today’s circumstances. However, remember that Prime Minister Modi had also met famous YouTubers of the country a few weeks ago. Those YouTubers who have not only established their identity but are also earning a lot of money.

Now understand the mood of that NEET student who committed suicide by jumping from the 23rd floor. This incident that happened at ATS Advantage Society in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh is an eye opener for all of us. Be it a student or a guardian, we have to understand that there is no exam in the world in which failure makes life meaningless. Life has meaning even when there is continuous failure in not just one but many exams. What happened that after failing in an exam, you assumed that what will you do after living? Then Nav Khanna, who ended his life in ATS Society, had given his 12th exam only this year. This means that he had to appear for the NEET exam for the first time because no one can appear in this qualifying exam for admission in medical colleges before 12th. 17 year old Nav Khanna alias Kavish, resident of Neethikhand (3) of Indirapuram police station area, had given the 12th exam this year. Even 12th result has not come yet. Life ends before that! After all, what was going on in Nav’s mind that he took such a big decision?

I am also the parent of two children. The son is elder and passed 12th last year and also appeared for NEET exam as an appearing candidate. Did not get enough marks for admission in government college. This time he will again participate in the examination to be held on 5th May. I see he studies every night. Many times, when I wake up in the morning, I find him reading. Then I go near her and caress her head and say – go to sleep now, it is morning. I never put any pressure on him as to when he should study and when he should sleep. He has complete freedom to study as per his mood and when he does not feel like it, he can rest, go for a walk, meet friends. Yes, if he starts staying away from studies for a long period of time for a few days, I definitely stop him. Sometimes I get angry too. But as soon as I get a chance, I explain to him that he should not take to heart what I said in anger. I assure him that nothing can be greater for a father than having a son. Anger and love are human tendencies, so he should see my anger in the same form, the basic feeling is of love, even if anger is expressed regarding studies and exams, then its driving force is also love. Believe me, I also tell him what harm he will suffer if I don’t get angry. He may face increased risks like indiscipline, lack of continuity, disorientation. Overall, I explain the theory of anger to him properly.

I wonder if other guardians, like me, would be so clear and transparent with their children? It is said that many times guardians expect their children to fulfill the dreams that they had once seen for themselves but could not fulfill themselves. Having hope is a much purer feeling than having stubbornness. The world is built on hope, but stubbornness has its limits. What will be this limit of stubbornness for someone, depends on that individual. Every guardian, every student should find out where the scope of his stubbornness will end. It is fine if stubbornness is only a means to achieve success, but as soon as it starts becoming a means of pushing the mind into the door of negativity, then it is better to leave it there. If due to stubbornness, negative feelings start becoming permanent in the mind, then understand that the limit of stubbornness has been reached.

On the other hand, it is equally true that ‘life is a struggle’. There is a challenge at every step, an obstacle at every step. And this is not true for any one person, this is true for the entire world. Circumstances may be different, but man tries to create his future according to his circumstances. If someone is living in a happy situation then he wants more happiness. If one is facing a critical situation, its aim will be to make the future easier. It cannot be said that he is well off, why does he care about life. No, the theory of ‘life is a struggle’ is applicable to everyone. His struggle will be different and that of the underprivileged will be different, but both will have to face the struggle. So what is the status of a small battle as a test in the battle of life? If you start thinking of ending your life due to lagging behind in studies, then you have to think that after achieving success after success in studies and exams, will everything always go smoothly in whatever field you pursue your career in? Crisis has to come even during career. There will be a lot of challenges in the job or profession obtained as a result of success in the examination. We have to face that too. Then tomorrow will come family responsibilities. There will be expectations from relatives, friends and society. The challenge of managing all this.

So what is the point of being afraid of challenges? Only if there is only one challenge? Whoever thinks of ending his life considering the challenges of studies or exams as a mountain, if he considers that challenges are the name of life, then he will start laughing at himself. He will laugh thinking that tell me, I was so nervous about a small exam. On the other hand, the guardian should also understand the emotions of the children. Only then will we be able to know whether negativity has started to surround the child. I think there was no internet during my student days. At that time, the answer to any question could not be found within a second. In that environment it was said – ‘If you study and write, you will become a Nawab, if you play and jump, you will become bad.’ Changing times have changed many beliefs. Today, even if someone gets selected in two-four IPLs, it will be a rain of rupees. People are earning lakhs by making reels. Then what is it like to end one’s life for not passing an exam? Life is a flow, let it flow smoothly. Who knows where, at what turn you will find the one for whom you are spoiling your mood due to long search.