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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: When parents got her admitted in another school, the angry daughter created a false story of her own kidnapping

In Uttarakhand’s capital Dehradun, a girl angry over admission in a new school told a false story of her kidnapping. The truth was revealed when the police investigated the matter thoroughly. The minor was angry with her family for taking admission in a new school, due to which the girl student spun a story to scare her family. However, after a thorough investigation, the police revealed the matter. Gave.

According to the information, this entire matter is from Patel Nagar area of Dehradun. Information about kidnapping of a minor girl was received here. When the police investigated this matter, the story turned out to be different. In fact. The minor girl was admitted to a new school. She was worried about this thing.

Police had received information that on April 15, an attempt was made to kidnap a minor girl in Chaman Vihar Colony of Kotwali Patel Nagar. After this the police came into action. Police started investigation.

The minor girl told that while coming home from tuition at around 7:00 pm, two youths in a car forcibly made her sit in their car and tried to kidnap her. She barely managed to get out and run away. Considering the sensitivity of the matter, the police formed a police team and started investigation. During investigation the matter was found to be false. After this, when the minor was counseled, the girl told the truth.

What did the girl tell in the counselling?

The minor girl told that she studied in Olympus High School, but this year she was admitted to Mount Literary School. When she went to school for the first time, she did not find any new friends.

After this she started thinking about re-admission in her old school. Due to this, he told the family a false story of kidnapping while returning from tuition. SSP Ajay Singh said that information was received that the girl has been kidnapped. When the police investigated the matter, the entire matter came to light.