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Uttar Pradesh: Lost his life while making a reel, was performing a stunt by hanging upside down from a pole, died after falling on his head

A young man lost his life while making an Instagram reel in Banda district of UP. He was exercising by hanging upside down from a pole. A friend standing nearby was making a video of him. Then the young man suddenly fell headlong on the ground. He died on the spot due to serious head injury.

Police reached the spot after receiving the information and have started the process of sending the body for post-mortem. However, the family members are refusing to conduct the post-mortem. SHO told that the young man was fond of making reels, during which he died due to falling of a pillar. The family members are being explained.

Actually, the whole matter is of Khairada village of Mataundh police station area, where Vardani’s 21-year-old son Shivam was fond of making reels. This morning he had gone to the gym in a government school in the village. Here, Shivam was doing exercise by hanging upside down from the flag hoisting pole on the roof of the school, holding a brick in his hands and was getting reels made from his friends.

At the same time, due to the rapid swinging, the pole broke, due to which Shivam fell headlong on the ground. Along with the pole, bricks etc. also fell on him. Shivam died on the spot after being crushed under it. Friends informed the family about the incident. As soon as the family members came to know about this, they were shocked. They are in bad condition after crying.

Father Vardani told that Shivam was the younger of two brothers. Have a sister. Vardani works as a laborer outside the city, while the deceased used to supply water pouches through rickshaws. His earnings were used to meet the expenses of the family. After the incident, the villagers told that the deceased Shivam was fond of making reels. Often he used to make videos in the wrong way and share them on Instagram. Some time before the incident, he had also posted a video of hanging from the pole.

In this case, SHO Mataundh Rammohan Rai told ‘Aaj Tak’ that a young man died after falling from a pole. His body has been sealed and sent for post-mortem, but the family members do not want the post-mortem to be done. He is sad about the incident. At present, they are being explained. Conversations have taken place with friends and villagers on the spot and information is being collected.