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Uttarakhand: In Haridwar, the voter threw the EVM machine on the ground, said – conduct elections with ballot paper, police took him into custody

A case of EVM machine breaking has come to light in Haridwar Lok Sabha seat of Uttarakhand. It is being told that at booth number 126 of polling station Jwalapur Inter College, an elderly voter, while demanding election through ballot paper, vented his anger on the EVM and threw it on the floor. The police have taken the accused into custody.

The case of EVM smashing is from Jwalapur assembly constituency of Haridwar district. It is being told that an elderly voter had come here to cast his vote at booth number 126. At first the elderly voter stood peacefully in the queue and then as soon as he went inside to cast his vote, he picked up the EVM kept on the desk and threw it on the ground.

After this action of the elderly voter, there was chaos at the booth. The policemen posted outside also ran inside and immediately caught the elderly voter and took him to the railway station, where the accused is being interrogated. The elderly voter was shouting loudly and saying that elections should be conducted through ballot paper.