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More than 1000 cases… jailed 95 times, the thief who gave bail to criminals by posing as a fake judge has now died

Dhani Ram Mittal… This is the name which had ruined the entire law. In the world of theft, he is called ‘Natarwal Lal’, it is said that this name is most famous among thieves, the fact is that more than 150 cases are registered in police stations of 4 states. It is said that Dhaniram Mittal not only had the skill of theft, but with his acting skills, he could have defeated even big Bollywood actors. Once Dhaniram had crossed the limits, posing as a fake judge and granting bail to many criminals, due to which the entire system was shaken. Now news is coming that Dhani Ram Mittal has died.

This caused death

According to the police, Dhaniram had many health issues, due to which the thief died at the age of 85. Dhaniram Mittal’s last rites were performed at Nigamghat in Delhi. Dhaniram was involved in more than 150 theft cases in Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab and Rajasthan, out of which Mittal had gone to jail in more than 90 cases. According to the police, he was directly involved in more than a thousand cases of theft, fraud and forgery. Dhaniram’s name first came in front of everyone in 1964, after that it never stopped.

The thief Dhani Ram was very educated

According to the police, once he had stolen a car from the parking lot of Jhajjar Court in Haryana. He acted as a judge in Jhajjar court for a few days and ordered the release of criminals serving long sentences. Dhani Ram Mittal passed B.Sc from Rohtak and later he also did LLB from Rajasthan. After doing LLB, he learned the work of a clerk from lawyers. After this, he made fake documents and got the job of station master and worked there from 1968 to 1974. In 2016, at the age of 77, he was arrested for stealing a car in Rani Bagh. According to the police, this was his 95th arrest.