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Uttarakhand: Government asked for report of villages boycotting voting, Congress took a dig…

The state government has called for reports of villages that boycotted voting in the Lok Sabha elections. In this election, people of more than 35 villages of the state completely boycotted voting. Because roads have not been built in many areas till date. The Congress party has targeted the Dhami government regarding this.

Congress party says that when the snake has come out then the BJP government is doing the work of breaking lines. Party’s state spokesperson Shishpal Bisht says that if the government had become alert in time, more than thirteen thousand villagers would not have had to boycott the elections. He said that now the government wants to know the reason why 35 more villagers boycotted the elections. But there is no benefit in repenting now, because the bird has already eaten away the field. He said that if the government had listened to the problems of more than 35 villagers in time, then they would have definitely ensured their participation in the great festival of democracy and it would have been good for democracy as well.

Shishpal Bisht says that it has always been the policy of BJP that after the snake passes, then BJP does the work of beating the streak. He said that the BJP government, which has been ruling the state for 7 years, should have woken up in time and now the government’s apathy is visible in the form of election boycott. Calling it a failure of the local administration and government, he said that this election boycott is a symbol of BJP’s misgovernance.