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The case of Covishield vaccine reached the Supreme Court, this demand was made in the petition

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday. In this petition, a demand has been made to form a medical expert panel, which will assess the effects of Covishield vaccine and its risks.

Advocate Tiwari has filed this PIL in the court. In this petition, it has been demanded that the court should direct the Central Government to prepare a vaccine damage payment system, so that compensation can be given to the people seriously affected during the Corona vaccination campaign.

In this petition, the confession of British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in the UK court was mentioned. During this time, the company had admitted for the first time that their vaccine could cause side effects in rare cases.

The petition cited some media reports, in which AstraZeneca admitted in the court that the vaccine could cause side effects like thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS). Due to thrombocytopenia syndrome, blood clots start forming in the body or platelets start falling rapidly in the body.

What is the whole matter?

A British man named Jamie Scott has filed a case against AstraZeneca. Scott claims that due to the company’s corona vaccine, he is suffering from the problem of thrombocytopenia syndrome. He had become a victim of brain damage.

More than a dozen people have moved court against the company’s Corona vaccine. These people allege that they have faced side effects after taking the vaccine. These people have demanded compensation.

AstraZeneca has said in the legal document filed before the court that the Corona vaccine developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford may have side effects. These side effects can be like thrombocytopenia syndrome. But these are very rare.